Robnett‘s Real Estate Run Down

Reed Goossens: Learning To Bet On Yourself

December 7, 2021

More than anything, starting a business is about betting on yourself. You are betting on your ideas, your skills, and your success. Today’s guest, Reed Goossens, knows all about betting on oneself as an Australian who moved to New York City, starting a real estate career from scratch—no network and no funds. Reed joins host Shannon Robnett to discuss how he built a thriving business ecosystem, made money in titling land, and developed an A-Team that is helping others on their journey to success. As an engineer, he also shares how he used his degree and experience to supplement his real estate venture and gives advice for aspiring business owners and dreamers out there on how to take life one step at a time. Tune in for more motivational insight as well as practical business advice on this episode!

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